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Diversified Commercial Insurers offers the only Home Inspectors Insurance Program endorsed by the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI), underwritten by Lloyd’s of London.

Reduced Rates for HIF Members Only

Home Inspectors may be held liable for actual or alleged improper home inspections. If a suit is brought against them, they must have a Home Inspectors Errors & Omissions (E&O) policy to cover any financial losses to defend or pay damages. Common allegations include negligence, failure to identify, improper inspection, or failure to disclose.

DCInsurers works with fully licensed surplus lines broker with multiple Certified Insurance Counselors on staff to assist you with all your Professional Liability Risk Management needs. You will get prompt, professional service from DCInsurers’ expert staff as they work diligently to define specific needs and develop key solutions based on each unique situation.

  • Limits starting at $250,000 per claim to $1,000,000 per claim


  • Deductible options: $1,500 to $5,000 per claim


  • Financing available with a 15% down payment (no credit cards accepted at this time)


The following claims scenarios are just a few examples of why a Home Inspector should carry an Errors & Omissions policy:

Structural Defects:

A home inspector fails to identify cracks within the foundation of a new home. Due to the severity of the problem, the house is deemed uninhabitable; consequently, the value of the home drops tremendously. The owner who purchased the home from the builder, sues the builder and the home inspector. The builder declares bankruptcy and is dropped from the suit. The owner sues the home inspector for alternative housing costs, lost value of the home, and cost to return the home to a habitable state.
  • Defense Costs: $16,000
  • Indemnification: $87,000

Roof Inspections:

A home inspector completes a home inspection. As part of the inspection, he looks at the roof of the dwelling but does not actually go onto the roof. After moving in, the new owner determines there are rotted sections of the roof, requiring the entire roof be replaced. The owner sues the home inspector for failing to adequately inspect the roof and identify the problem.
  • Defense Costs: $2,200
  • Indemnification: $12,000 (cost of the roof)

HIF Policy

Automatic Coverage

  • General Liability limited to On-Premises Bodily
  • Injury & Property Damage occurring at the inspection site – $500,000 sub limit
  • Corporate Entity
  • Commercial Inspections (if less than 10% of total revenue, coverage is provided automatically)
  • Radon Testing
  • Referring Party (covers parties for vicarious liability as a result of covered wrongful acts under the policy)
  • Prior Acts (if included in your current policy) Automatic Tail (coverage for 60 days after policy expiration)
  • Multiple Inspectors will be covered under ONE policy – there is no need for numerous policies ($1,000 – $1,500 per additional inspector)


Coverage Enhancements

  • Tail Coverage (1-3 year tail option)
  • Mold Coverage
  • Water & Septic Inspections
  • Pool & Spa Coverage
  • WDI/Termite Inspections
  • Lead Paint Inspections
  • New Construction
  • Code Compliance
  • Phase Inspections
  • Carbon Monoxide – Including Cracked Heat Exchange
  • EIFS/Stucco