Disability Insurance

Business Disability Insurance

Over the years, our team of experts at DCI-INS has helped numerous companies understand the details and choose the right type of disability insurance for small and large businesses in Colorado. Obtaining such insurance greatly reduces the strain and damage on your business in the event of disability of either the owner or one if the key staff members. Whatever business you may be in, obtaining disability insurance is a sound investment in your company’s long-term success, stability and confidence, which is why we strongly encourage serious consideration of this product.

Why is disability insurance for small and large businesses a necessity?

You may be confident that you are providing the safest and most technologically advanced work environment possible for your employees. You may have all the necessary certifications and approvals to demonstrate that your processes are highly unlikely to cause workplace injuries or disability. Other companies may use your standards as the industry benchmark for occupational health and safety practices. And yet – accidents, mechanical failure and other emergency situations can happen to even the most safety conscious managers and employees of all.
No matter how little the chance of such incidents may be in your individual case, this is not the area where it would be in any way advisable to save. Laws and expectations regarding disability insurance for small and large businesses in Colorado are strict – you would not want your company to be considered an outcast that is ignoring the rules set by the society around them.

Why should I choose DCI-INS?

At DCI-INS, we take pride in what we do. We are confident that we can provide our clients with the best possible options for their individual situation every time. This is why we take the time to listen to your requirements, concerns and ideas instead of trying to force you into a pre-made solution. We are happy to discuss questions relating to disability insurance for small and large businesses in Colorado with you. Remember that obtaining business disability insurance is an investment into your company’s long term future, as it helps create an additional layer of confidence and security. We would be happy to put our expertise in the topic at your full disposal.

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