Colorado Individual Health Insurance

Colorado Individual Health Insurance

Colorado Individual Health Insurance

Colorado Individual Health Insurance

According to, approximately 16% of Colorado residents over 18 and 10% of residents under 18 do not have Colorado Individual Health Insurance (2011 statistics). The great news is that just over 80% of Colorado residents have some form of health insurance. However, 20% are still open to the financial devastation that comes with an accident, illness, disability or sudden death; and for those with coverage, do they truly understand their insurance policy? Do they have too little or too much coverage? Are their policies customized for their individual needs? DCInsurers, the Colorado insurance brokerage firm of choice, wants to make sure all Colorado residents not only have coverage, they have the coverage they need.

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Not sure if you need a Colorado Individual Health Insurance plan?

You do if you fall into any of these categories:
  • Without group health insurance from your workplace
  • Self employed/contractor
  • Group health insurance that does not cover all your needs
  • New Colorado resident
  • Time gap leaving you vulnerable while waiting for employer-sponsored benefits
  • Predisposed to or currently experiencing a major illness

Many people think individual health insurance is something they cannot afford. After all, what is the chance of an accident, illness or death compared to the money you pay monthly for coverage? Sadly, those without coverage soon discover Colorado individual health insurance is something you cannot afford to be without. An illness or accident that prevents you from working can easily spiral you into debt and foreclosure. Unexpected medical bills put an unbearable strain on your finances, your relationships and your health. A death leaves even more bills as the survivors must pay the funeral costs while struggling to survive without their loved one and the income they provided.

Colorado’s Health Insurance Experts!

DCInsurers understands you have many other financial obligations, and that is why we use our large network of top Colorado insurance agencies to create customized individual health insurance plans. During your consultation, we will evaluate and quote on the coverage you need – not the coverage you don’t need. We take into account your medical history, size of your family, income, work status and more to create a plan that fits you and only you.  We even have options for those experiencing a critical or chronic illness or those that have been denied coverage in the past.

As a brokerage firm, we have cultivated relationships with hundreds of agents and firms in Colorado so we can be your one-stop-shop for all your individual health insurance needs. The line between surviving financially or losing everything often comes down to having a health insurance policy. Call us today to learn how you can get affordable coverage tailored just for you.

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