Colorado Casualty Insurance

Colorado Casualty Insurance

Whetherr it is big or small, your business is a source of pride and a monument to your success, so it is important that you protect it. At Diversified Commercial Insurers, we make it our business to understand the needs of your business. Through our ability to build strong partnerships, we create a bond with independent insurance brokers and the businesses in communities where we live.
As a Colorado casualty insurance provider, we work closely with independent insurance brokers to build the insurance portfolio that best meets the needs of your business. This may include the following types of casualty insurance coverage:
  • Liability insurance: This can include liability insurance for malpractice, errors and omissions and can protect business owners against liability issues that may arise from business operations or the use of fleet vehicles.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance: This casualty insurance is used to help business owners provide compensation to injured employees. Injuries must be from a work-related incident to qualify, and coverage may include help with medical and rehabilitation costs and wage replacement.
  • Theft Insurance: This type of casualty insurance is put in place to help protect business owners against acts of theft and vandalism. This coverage also includes protection against employee theft.
  • Credit Insurance: Credit insurance can protect a business against loss from the bankruptcy, death or disability of a partner or other type of business associate that has direct impact on your business.
If building a better business is your job, than protecting that business is our job. Through our hard work ethic and our ties to the community, we are able to understand and serve the casualty insurance needs of your businesses in Colorado. At Diversified Commercial Insurers, our success hinges on our ability to work together to build the best insurance portfolio for your Colorado casualty insurance needs.

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