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July 19, 2014
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August 6, 2014
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Saving Money on Insurance Policies with Colorado Insurance Brokers

The average American carries some kind of insurance at any given time, whether it’s auto insurance, home, business or life insurance.  These polices can be offered by your employer or paid for independently by an individual.  We know that we need insurance to protect and insulate our lives from unexpected circumstances, such as illness, job loss, automobile accident or death, but how many of these policies do we really understand and are we getting the best policy for our buck?  Often times people fail to ask these questions as the language of insurance can be very technical and hard to understand.  This is where it becomes a benefit to work with our Colorado insurance brokers.

Who are Insurance Brokers?

Insurance brokers are individuals who sell insurance policies for compensation.  They do not work directly for any one insurance company, but rather have the ability to work with many different insurance providers.

What types of Insurance can I get through a broker?

As with company insurance agents, insurance brokers can sell a variety of insurance policies.  These include, but are not limited to:

Insurance SolutionsWhy should you use a broker?

The first instinctual question a person may ask is why should you go beyond the actual insurance company to purchase insurance?  Doesn’t that just create an unnecessary middle man?  While insurance brokers may not specialize with a single insurance company, the benefit lies in the fact that they have a variety of insurers to choose from.  This is beneficial to the insured because it allows the broker to work for them and they aren’t restricted to a single product or by a contract.

Colorado Insurance brokers are dedicated towards the clients.  They take the time to listen and assess the client’s needs and then have the resources to seek out and source the right plan with the right insurance company that best suits the client’s needs and budget.  Insurance brokers do the shopping around for you to find the best insurance solution.

Do you really save money with a broker?

In addition to the savings received by finding the most beneficial plan at the most affordable rate, insurance brokers take the time to look at your entire insurance portfolio.  By reviewing all the policies you hold (not just those with them) they can help you understand and reveal any duplication in coverage.  For example, sometimes the working American is being offered life insurance through their employment.  Often, these polices are misunderstood or forgotten about.  By having a thorough review, insurance brokers can better evaluate your needs, which may result in you requiring a less expensive supplementary insurance policy from the broker than you originally thought.

When it comes to protecting your assets and loved ones, it’s important to find the right coverage especially at a manageable cost.  By working with reputable insurance brokers, such as the DCInsurers, you can rest easy knowing that you have knowledge and expertise working for you.



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