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January 1, 2014
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March 1, 2014
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Helping You Understand What’s Involved with Colorado Casualty Insurance

You have worked long and hard to build up your business assets, and seeing them lost, stolen, damaged or burnt would be nothing short of a tragedy. Also facing a lawsuit that threatens the financial stability of your business and person would be tough to handle. If you are a Colorado business owner currently without casualty insurance, we want you to know why you need it and why you should choose DCInsurers as your Colorado casualty insurance provider.

Let’s look at some specific circumstances in which Colorado casualty insurance could come to your rescue. If a customer comes into your shop, accidentally slips on a wet floor and breaks his or her leg, you could face a lawsuit from that person due to the incident and subsequent injury. Liability insurance would help cover your legal costs for defending yourself in that lawsuit and any payments that you might incur if you do not win the case.casualty insurance in Colorado

In Colorado, casualty insurance can also protect your business if you have to pay out workers compensation benefits to an injured employee. If an employee is injured while on the job at your business, workers compensation regulations require you to pay for his or her wages while out of work, as well as help with any medical bills and rehabilitation costs.  Workers compensation insurance can help you absorb those costs more easily so they don’t impact your business’s financial bottom line.

If you have experienced theft from your business in the past and it is a problem, theft insurance is a type of Colorado casualty insurance that would benefit your business. This protects you in case of employee dishonesty, theft of money or securities, bad checks, counterfeiting, credit card fraud, computer and online payment fraud, as well as any losses you might incur both on and outside your business location.

Then there’s credit insurance, with is an essential form of Colorado casualty insurance for any business that carries a significant debt load. If you have business loans, credit card, or other debt liabilities, what happens to it if you go bankrupt, become disabled or pass away unexpectedly? This debt could get piled onto your partners, business associates or even worse, a family member. Credit insurance protects your business debt in the case that you are unable to pay it.

DCInsurers is a Colorado casualty insurance provided that can not only provide you with the best prices possible for your business insurance, but also works with a group of independent insurance brokers to help you build a business insurance profile that will truly meet the needs of your business. They are also there to help you along the way with resources to help you understand the process of setting up Colorado casualty insurance and help you build the best insurance portfolio possible.

If you’re interested in Colorado casualty insurance, you can apply quickly and easily online through DCInsurers and you’ll get a call back within 30 minutes during normal business hours from an agent who understands your needs and can provide you with expert advice on setting up your insurance policy.

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