Five Benefits of Working with Independent Insurance Agents in Colorado Springs, CO

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November 26, 2014
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Five Benefits of Working with Independent Insurance Agents in Colorado Springs, CO

Are you trying to choose between dealing with an insurance company directly, or working with independent insurance agents in Colorado Springs, CO? Although you would think the situation would be exactly the same, it’s not. There are quite a few differences in dealing with insurance companies and independent agents. Below we will look at five of them.


A lot of insurance companies have replaced their employees with automated recordings, but independent insurance agents have not. They continue to provide personalized service to their customers. If you have to make a claim, do you want to sit and push buttons and listen to recordings, or would you prefer to talk to a human? Not only will they assist you with your claim, independent insurance agents will also answer any questions you have, and help you report your loss to your insurance company.

Locally owned

Independent insurance agents in Colorado Springs, CO live locally, and this can be an invaluable benefit when choosing the type of insurance you should get. Since they live in your area, they know what insurance coverage you need to protect your assets like your home, vehicles, business, and anything you else you own of value. For example, they will know if flooding is common where you live, and the risks involved. They can recommend extra insurance to compensate, while other insurance company representative could live across the country and have no idea about your area.

Involvement in the community

Since they live locally, independent insurance agents in Colorado Springs, CO are involved in the community. They are very knowledgeable and supportive of the community in different ways.  Some donate money to local charities or assist with fundraising events, while others serve on local boards. Having the opportunity to see them helping their community testifies that they’re trustworthy to do business with.


Even with hundreds of ways to advertise today, a business’s reputation still says a lot. Well-established independent insurance agents in Colorado have worked hard on their reputations, and they want to keep them. As well as working hard to always keep their customers happy, independent agents are financially stable, so you can always be confident that your valuable possessions are protected.

Sure, getting quotes from an Internet based insurance company is quick and easy, but wouldn’t you prefer knowing who and what you’re dealing with?

Affordable one-stop service

When you deal with independent insurance agents, they can help you with all of your insurance needs – including your home, automobile and business insurance. But, they can also help with specialty coverage, such as:


• Medical malpractice
Medical coverage
• Financial planning

And they make sure they get you the best prices on your insurance.

After reading these five benefits of working with independent insurance agents in Colorado Springs, CO, do you see the differences?

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